Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Nuclear Power in Malaysia

In response to:

“On 4th May 2010, Economic Council has gives an approval to The Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water to pursue nuclear power plant project production in 15 years“

We are together as a citizen of the world struggle with an energy crisis as a results of our dependancy on finite resources of the Earth. Malaysia is not alone in this situation. Although theoretically the Earth has enough energy to support our needs and wants, the main problem that contributes to energy crisis in my opinion was bad management of our energy system. Has everyone knows that two-third of electricity was lost during transmission within the grid? Hence the first step towards better energy system is to apply decentralised energy system in Malaysia. In more simpler context, it is better to build small power plant near the consumer than big power plant far away from the city itself. This decentralised system have been practised in Royal Brewery Manchester and Southampton, UK.

The main problem with nuclear energy is that it is non-renewable energy. The resources are finite and Malaysia has to export the uranium as there are no Uranium mine in Malaysia. It would be more beneficial in long term to pay attention to increase the primary energy mix through the usage of biomass and solar energy near the equator. Currently 85% of Malaysia primary energy mix is dominated by natural gas and coal. In real situation, only small amount of money have been invested for research and development (R&D) in renewable energy compared to nuclear power or petroleum hence unbiased incentive from government is needed to produce more sustainable energy. Changing public perception is also important where the inefficient of solar panel perception is not a valid argument as well as safety of nuclear power plant argument. Peoples nowadays should not worried about nuclear as it is safe in terms of energy generation and technology. However radioactivity contamination will still be there for more than 100 years. It is a risky decision to get cheaper electricity now then leave for future generation to handle the radioactive waste (spent nuclear fuel).

The proven reserves-to-production ratio of Uranium is 62 years with probably unknown reserves of more than 360 years. It will takes 15 to 20 years to build the nuclear power plant in Malaysia and you don’t have to be in business to expect that as the resources decreases, its price will increases. It can be expected that the price of Uranium will increases after 20 years same as finite resources of petroleum. It is not the only problems where after 50 years, the nuclear power plant will have to be demolished and the radioactive will always be there for future Malaysian. The current technology still cannot fully extracting the energy from Uranium hence become a waste that must be kept away from human. In my judgement, it is more cheaper and environmental friendly to treat large amount of waste (e.g emission of carbon dioxide, sulphur and metal) from coal and natural gas than small amount of radioactive waste/spent nuclear fuel.

Malaysia should concentrate on local resources, improve the energy system and use it properly. There are 10 hours daily sun, strong winds in certain area, straw residues from paddy field and palm oil plantation and 15 years estimates reserves of petroleum. The production of nuclear power here will make Malaysia more depending on imported feedstock.

Besides that, it is wrong and misinterpreted to label nuclear power as ‘green’. The judgement is only based on low carbon emission compared to other energy generation. In the study by Odeh and Cockerill (2008) in the UK, it was found that nuclear power plant only emitted 8.5g of CO2 for 1 kWh electricity generated. Compare this with coal power plant (957g CO2), wind turbine (105g CO2), and photovoltaic solar energy (95g CO2), nuclear power plant is much more ‘GREENER’ than renewable energy. However this argument is not a fair judgement if we see carbon as the only potential of the environmental impacts. In the study of the life-cycle of power plant, environmental impacts is divided into 8 categories based on ISO 14040; global warming, ozone layer depletion, acidification (acid rain), eutrophication (imbalances nutrients), photochemical smog, human toxicity, ecotoxicity and non-renewable resources depletion. So it is totally out of context to label nuclear power as green or renewable resources only by looking at the emissions of the green house gases.

The main advantages of nuclear power is due to its economically viable and lots of research have been done in this area. Yet in YouTube, life of peoples in Niger lives in contaminated area of uranium mining makes Chernobyl explosion was already forgotten as reason to blame nuclear power. Without a doubt nuclear power has improves human civilisation such as in medicine, x-ray and carbon dating. Nevertheless its radioactivity is linked with genetic modification and the effect cannot be reversed.

In the Europe itself, Spain has build its own large-scale solar thermal power plant, wind farm offshore of Scotland, the Netherlands and Deutschland which is very good in its energy mix. Take a train around the Europe and you can see it yourself. Malaysia did not have their technology which make it necessary to 'kidnap' their technology by sending students to other university around the world. Yet Malaysia should not follow their routes of development as European countries have build the nuclear power plant long before they realised that renewable energy is more sustainable choice. We should learn from their mistakes, their experiences and applied it in eastern culture, or Malaysian way to be exact. Whatever route Malaysian leader are taking now, let not let the future generation carries your mistakes.

Khamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Public Transport in Malaysia

Hoyeahh tora datang lagi dengan permainan kopi cap kapal api hahaha (gelak jahat ali baba). lama sungguh beta tidak mengupdate blog ni ngeh! but since i got back to malaysia, i got lots of thinking bout what to do after graduated. This includes how to improve my life here in our own country. Serius pening! naik komuter pun kena curi hanset pickpocket! aku takda la cakap kt oversea sana xda pickpocket ni. sama ja mana2 ada orang baik, msti la ada orang yang kurang membuat kebaikan juga. cuma percentage tak rasa selamat tu lagi tinggi kat msia. serius gua x tipu. try la jln tgh2 mlm kat manchester compare ngan tengah2 malam kat kl.

Okay2 kembali ke tujuan asal article ni is aku rasa mlm ni nak berleter sorang2 pasal public transport kat msia. Aku berleter panjang ni, so bagitau awal2 if tak larat baca sampai habis.

Hendak diceritakan lagi, perhubungan awam kat malaysia memang tak perlu dihuraikan dengan lebih lanjut (power x ayat bm aku? =). Kat sini kalo takda transport sndri, maknanya lebih baik la duk umah baca kosmo dgr crita baru pasal dr rozmey pecah panggung 40juta. mmg takbleh hidup kalo takda transport sndri.

Then pasal KTM malaysia. mmg kena byk2 beristighfar either naik komuter or train mlm. Pasal train malam ni, services mmg bagus, byk kemudahan atas train and always on time. Satu jer improvement yang aku rasa perlu dibuat which is duration of travel. Just imagine that it takes 12 hours to be at Alor Setar from KL sentral. Naik keta 4-5 jam and kalo naik bus lambat sejam dua sket dari keta. Apa2 pun gua suka naik train mlm coz tepati masa. Pasal duration tu rasanya ikut pilihan hati la, mmg lambat naik train tapi lagi murah kan2?

KOMUTER haaaa ni mmg satu perkhidmatan yang paling buat aku berbulu. mmg dah banyak kali aku istighfar coz aku dah janji kat diri sndri takmo byk complain pasal public transport malaysia. gua tak kisah komuter lambat bro, tapi jgn la nak bagi customer berbulu. Masa time tunggu kat platform, kat board tulis train arrive at 1522. Tup tup tup punya tunggu 1530 tak sampai. Sabar lagi. Maybe tayar ketapi kurang angin kot sbb tu slow sket. pastu kat board tukar time train arriv 1552 Dalam hati dah maki2 tapi maklumlah aku ni tak mau komplen, so aku try buat muka paling sabar, penyayang dan berbudi bahasa bila awek2 kat sebelah tgk aku dah hentak2 kepala kat tiang. Bagi chance la train lambat 40minit. 40 minit jer, bleh bagi alasan kat bos tadi komuter jam teruk kat highway or parking penuh.

Last skali bus express or orang british panggil 'coach'. Bukan coach badminton yer. Kalo korang buang tebiat try la naik coach badminton. mmg kena makan smash la jawabnya har har har. Takda la nak complain smua bus express kan. byk ja company bus express yang tepati masa. Contoh2 mcm sri maju(bus feveret aku kalo pi kl/seremban) trans and konsortium. Aku sndri tak sure if good example aku ni still applicable or not sbb dah jarang travel ulang alik kl-jitra. Isnin lepas aku balik jitra from hentian duta. FYI, slalu kalo from duta mmg paling busuk la 6 jam nak sampai jitra. 6 jam tu kira bus express yang sama taraf dgn bas kilang. Kalo pudu dulu lainla sbb mmg kadang2 nasib tak baik tersangkut jam sblum masuk highway plus.

Company yang dimaksudkan is Pancaran Matahari bus express. Ha siap aku bold lagi nama company. Sori la brader kita sama2 mau cari makan tapi u give me bad first impression. Bayar tiket dah 43ringgit. Pkul 230pm hari isnin lepas. So aku bajet paling lambat sampai jitra pkul 830mlm. Tup tap tup tap (mcm naik komuter jgak la) punya tunggu pkul 3 baru gerak. Sabarrrr setakat stgh jam lambat gerak tu biasa la kalo naik bus express. yang penting pkul 830 hang bleh bagi aku sampai jitra. aku tau hang bleh pecut kat highway nanti. Fuh cantek punya company bus. siap masuk butterworth, sp, alor star smua. Mmg berbulu aku. Tapi mcm biasa orang malaysia ni sabar2 dan penyayang. Begitu juga tuan punya badan ini. Muka masih maintain senyum. Sampai astar pkul 9mlm. Ok thats it la penat aku senyum ja dari tadi. Baru kluar shahab 10minit dia brenti suruh kitorang tukar naik bas lain. Ada la 4 5 orang lagi yang sama2 pi jitra. K la saya menurut perintah. Elok bas yang baru naik tu gerak bleh plak sorang minah ni tertinggal phone atas seat bus lama. Mmg buang masa btul la tukar2 bus ni. Last2 pkul 10 baru smpai jitra. Itupun tak masuk stesen bas.

Penat la aku nak berleter2 ni. Turun2 bas kt jitra muka aku dah jadi paling ketat kat dunia. Sori yeah if makcik jual sirap tepi jalan igt aku baru lepas bunuh orang. Saya baik orangnya.